Claudia Schwarz

Claudia Schwarz

Claudia has always had a passion for learning and understanding the essence of things that surround us. One of her first steps towards that goal was earning a degree in Bachelor Science in Chemistry that allowed her to gain understanding of the building blocks of life and matter around us and their interactions.

After moving to Canada in the 90’s and starting a family, one of Claudia’s daughters started presenting behavioural issues that proved challenging to address. Amid the frustration, one of Claudia’s friends suggested considering Bach Flower Remedies as a promising alternative to deal with the issue. After an overwhelming success, Claudia became very interested in this new healing discipline and decided to immerse herself by undergoing formal training and certification and discovered her natural inclination to helping others. And this is how her journey in the healing path started.

Claudia later on became interested in other healing disciplines that complement her studies in Bach Flower Remedies. She started exploring the path of Reiki and became certified for Usui levels I, II and III. Later on she started learning how to read and listen to the Tarot cards and open and access the Akashic Records (Soul Journeys Method). Her latest studies involve Raindrop Technique (Perfect Essence Academy) that contains essential oils anointing, the knowledge of chemistry, energy work, Tibetan acupressure, and Lakota healing tradition.

Claudia is compassionate and knowledgeable about the services she provides and her goal is to encourage her clients to begin their healing journey in a safe and nurturing environment. The following are her credentials:

Perfect Essence Academy

Dr. Edward Bach Foundation

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Levels

The Soul Journey Method Level I

Vancouver Tarot School



Logo Natsyokë

Natsyokë means love thyself in Mixe, an indigenous language from the prehispanic people living in the mountains of southwestern Mexico.

All of the above have common teachings, but for them to work the most important element is YOU. You are in charge of your own health and well-being. Everything starts from loving yourself, honouring yourself and therefore healing yourself. Let me help you walk your own Path.


“My experience with Claudia was amazing. The environment was warm and welcoming, infused with no nonsense and practicality. The Raindrop Therapy was an enlightening energetic journey – with each oil triggering a different response. I left the session feeling equally relaxed and intrigued by the energies kindled.
Thank you, Claudia!.”

Dawn A.

“The Raindrop experience was wonderful, the quiet environment makes you feel at peace and relaxed. The essential oils give you a warm feeling that spreads through your body and you get an immediate sensation of wellbeing, I felt lighter, as if something heavy had been lifted off me.
Going into the therapy my stress levels were up the roof but after the session I felt like everything was back in place, aligned, that all was going to be OK. This is one treatment I know I will be getting on a regular basis.”

Taina Colina

“I found my Raindrop Technique experience with Claudia to be extremely comforting and deeply relaxing. After my session I felt peaceful, refreshed and balanced! Thanks again!”

Darlene C.

“Thank you Claudia for my first Raindrop session. I found my first Raindrop experience with you very relaxing, peaceful and I would highly recommend it to others!”

John Cashin

“Claudia gave me Bach Flower Remedies, told me take them every day and asked me to talk to her later. That worked like magic, within a couple of days I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and all of a sudden I could talk about my loss without bursting into tears, I felt lighter and calmer, even my co-workers noticed I was smiling more often, work didn't seem so hard and life in general became easier to live.”

Tania Colina